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Rotary Interview on Gwarinpa Women Cooperative Project

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About the Project

Gwarinpa is a district in the phase 3 development plan of Abuja, Nigeria and is about 42mins drive (41km) to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja and 16mins drive (14km) to Central Business District.

Living within this massive estate, is the original indigenes of the land of the Gbagyi tribe who are in loosely linked cluster settlements called the Gwarinpa village.

Eighty percent of economic activities in this community are carried out by these women who are dependent on peasant trading and other meager activities to sustain their livelihood with little or nothing from their husbands.

In view of this, the Rotary Club of Abuja Gwarinpa (RCAG) in collaboration with Rotary Club of Barcelona Pedralbes decided to embark on economic empowerment for these women to help them increase their income and keep them actively viable and vocal part of the community.

The Economic Empowerment Project for Gwarinpa Village Women Cooperative was initiated with the training of the women in different skills such as liquid detergent, hand sanitizers and disinfectants making as well as other skills. RCAG marketed as well as patronized their products and in the last Rotary year set up and equipped an economic empowerment centre of which you supported financially.

As a continuum, we have decided to enlarge the capacity of this project to impact on about 500 women.

This interview of the President Rotary Club of Barcelona Pedralbes (RCBP), Nnamdi Elenwoke by the District 2202 Governor (2022/24), Ingrid Steinhoff focuses on this megaproject. Our team has initiated the application for The Rotary Foundation Global Grant requiring a sum of 30,000 dollars.

How can you help?

For more information about this megaproject and how you can help please contact:

Nnamdi Elenwoke (President RCBP)
Constance Okeke (Past President RCAG)

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